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and after…

(Bottom photo via Tales Of Endearment)

Andrew took this photo of Kate out in Far Rockaway late September about a year ago, one of many shoots he ended up doing out in there. There is something oddly magical in this town where the ocean overlaps with the grit of Queens. I can see why Joey and Dee Dee Ramone would sing about it, why Woody Allen would want to remember it gently rain swept and quiet in Radio Days. In some ways, the community felt like it didn’t change much from the song or time worn movies, it still has a sense of old school New York that has been long gone in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. I’d always jump at the chance to help Andrew location scout and explore out there. Plus, it meant cold icies and tacos on the boardwalk, watching tall waves roll by.

It’s hard to believe that Rockaway was literally washed away in one night and even more heartbreaking to think that families out there are still without proper working homes, especially with the holidays coming up. One of the poorest areas in the city, it will be a very slow process to recovery.

I am hopeful that things will be better out in Rockaway, soon. Here is where things can start:

InterOccupy, Volunteer and Drop Off locations in Rockaway

Queens Museum of Art + Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Fundraiser

Bring Thanksgiving To Far Rockaway, Operation Surfin Bird

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